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The team of contributors behind SupplyChainManagementEDU.org represent the diversity that you want to see in every resilient supply chain. Their knowledge and skills come from all kinds of organizations and experiences, each informing the product that is this website.

Meet the team that helped put together the guidance that will get your logistics career moving up the road:

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Helping Streamline Your Career in Logistics and SCM with the Right Kind of Education

Even the longest and most complex supply chains have a starting point.

Knowledge and skill are the key components you build a career on. Like any organization with a heavy reliance on the supply chains that feed into and move through it, you’ll have to seek out the sources for those building blocks. You’ll look at the costs of procurement, the means of delivery, the value of retention.

And just like any supply chain and logistics manager, you need resources to lean on. In the end, the plans you make are only as good as the analysis and data they rest on.

SupplyChainManagementEDU.org is a resource you can trust when it comes to evaluating your education options in the field. With guidance on how to build career credentials through education and industry certifications, information on how to specialize by industry and skills in key areas of SCM, along with accessible explanations behind complex supply chain concepts and today’s most critical industry talking points and solutions, this is the starting point for your education in supply chain management.