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Global Supply Chain Management

Every product you buy and every service you use only exists because resources from around the world come together at the right time, in the right place, and in the right condition.

That’s the miracle of transcontinental supply chains in action. Over years of development and experience, supply chains have been forged to deliver the very lifeblood of modern society.

Supply Chain Management Degrees at Every Level

It’s a big world, and the twists and turns of supply chains run through every part of it. Degrees in supply chain management come with the critical-thinking skills and industry-specific knowledge you need to navigate it.


The first step on the ladder into the world of global supply chain management are two-year AA, AS, AAS, and AAB programs. Blending basic technical logistics and planning knowledge with general business skills, they give you the training you need to get your foot in the door. They also provide a platform to gain more education and experience along the way.

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Pretty much every management position in the supply chain world requires a four-year BA, BS, or BBA degree. With intensive study in specialized supply chain principles and practices combined with communications, problem-solving, and general knowledge courses, you graduate ready to step into basic leadership roles in SCM in any industry.

Supply Chain Manager

Complexity comes from every angle in supply chain management. Whether it’s in international shipping or supplier redundancy, these graduate degrees offer the kind of advanced expertise senior supply chain jobs require.

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Blending advanced business practices with in-depth explorations of supply chain and logistics management, an MBA helps you refine your talents and own the strategic advantages that businesses look for in effective supply chain management leaders.

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The highest level of study in supply chain management comes through PhD and DBA programs. Whether you’re heading for elite business think-tanks, the front of a college classroom, or the most senior jobs in supply chain organizations, these degrees help you tackle the hardest problems in the business.

Post-secondary certificates are aimed at high school grads who want a fast track to logistics jobs. Baccalaureate certificates are offered alongside bachelor’s degrees as an SCM minor. Graduate certificates stack onto existing bachelor’s and take your SCM expertise up a notch, while post-graduate certificates build on a master’s with specialized training for executives.

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How to Become a Supply Chain Manager

There is no single path to becoming a supply chain manager, because there is no single type of supply chain management – it’s a field where professionals specialize by role and the unique needs of different industries. Learn how to get the education, the experience, and the connections you need to find your niche in supply chain management.

Supply Chain Management Industry Certifications

Industry respects them. Employers count on them. New logistics professionals work hard to earn them. Professional certifications are a part of making your way in the world of supply chain management. Offered by independent industry organizations and software vendors, professional certification validates your knowledge and expertise.

Supply Chain Management Salary

One of the best ways to tell you’re on a hot career path is to find out what it pays. And one glance at the salaries in supply chain management will leave no doubt that this is one of the premier careers for the 21st century. See what supply chain pros can make in different industries, in different parts of the country, in different roles… and see how education influences those salaries.

Supply Chain Management Careers

From optimizing trucking fleets by leveraging big data to mastering just-in-time manufacturing to reduce warehousing costs, careers in supply chain management require innovation and expertise in specialized functions. That expertise is learned through SCM degrees with concentrations in analysis and planning, procurement, manufacturing and operations, inventory management, storage and warehousing, transportation management, and more.

Big data coupled with strategic insight and the latest AI tools has revolutionized the supply chain game. Chart the future of the industry with a career in supply chain planning and analytics.

Cultivating robust, responsible, and reasonable supplier networks is key to resilience and efficiency in supply chain operations. Become a master negotiator and problem-solver in procurement.

As the gurus of internal logistics and processing, operations supply chain managers keep the goods flowing. Overseeing everything from assembly lines to just-in-time delivery systems, these supply chain professionals bring innovation and reliability into the heart of the industry.

Accounting for materials, components, and market-ready products, inventory managers are the people businesses rely on to figure out what resources can be found at what location at any given moment… and where to get more when needed.

Keeping waste to a minimum and optimizing space lowers costs and saves time. Whether getting deliveries out the door to customers or keeping critical components organized, protected, and accessible for workers, storage and warehouse managers are on top of it.

The act of moving things from point A to point B is the most fragile part of the supply chain. Experts in transportation management know all the routes, calculate all the costs, and can cushion all the risks in everything from tractor trailers to Panamax freighters.

Called in to offer sage advice and innovative solutions, consultants take their expertise on the road to companies big and small. With an eye toward streamlining and a penchant for problem-solving, consultants face new and exciting challenges with every engagement.

Supply Chain Management Industry Specializations

Whether in space exploration or residential construction, every industry needs supply chain professionals. These are just a few of the fields where supply chain management is most in-demand:

Logistics is only a part of the larger supply chain. But it’s a key part. Handling the movement of people and materials, logistics management powers productivity in every industry. If you’re looking for a career in the very heart of supply chain management, consider specializing in logistics.

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